Nurturing resilience through hands-on experimentation and lifelong learning in global open design ecosystems

Fab Lab Wgtn is a digital fabrication laboratory equipped with accessible computer-controlled tools able to make almost anything.

Think of a fab lab as an invention playground, an incubator of design ideas, a maker of possibilities, a creative ecosystem, and a place that enables anyone and everyone to power their ideas.

I would like to get Involved

Essential First Step

Take your first step in getting involved with Fab Lab Wgtn. Come along to a tour and find out what it's all about.

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Meet Ups

The Makers NZ - Wellington meetup group work together on a variety of projects.

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Pop Up

A Fab Lab Wgtn experience popping up in a space near you.

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I would like to Learn

Frequent Events

Join us as we explore the possibilities of digital fabrication, introducing you to the basics during our weekly activities.

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Special Events

Create a small project & work with others, learning by doing.

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Fab Academy

The ultimate boot camp. Learn design thinking and agile development while engaging with all aspects of the Fab Lab ecosystem.

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I would like to Collaborate

Ongoing Projects

Check out the people and projects active in Fab Lab Wgtn... right now!

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Learn how our Reciprocity framework allows us all to develop solutions for unique and everyday challenges.

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About Us

Find out what drives the inquisitive people in the Fab Lab Wgtn ecosystem.

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I don't know what a fab lab is

Open Afternoons

Are you curious about this whole 'fab lab' thing? Come along and find out what it's all about.

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I want to get something made

Other Options

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