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The curated list of resources linked from this page are intended as a supplement to the experiences offered within Fab Lab Wgtn.

2D software

Digital Embroidery: inkstitch beginner tutorials

Knitting machine AYAB: how to set up your image using Inkscape & Gimp

Gimp: Gimp website, Tutorials by VScorpianC

Inkscape: Inkscape website, Tutorials by VScorpianC

Illustrator: You can click the lightbulb icon in Illustrator, top-right next to the workspace dropdown menu where it says ‘essentials’, to see some useful tutorials.

Adobe tutorials, A game to help you get better at using the Illustrator pen tool

CO2 Laser: Large Laser template.ait

Krita: tutorials

Shopbot - setting up your files

2D paths: Vcarve Pro for beginners

3D paths: Vcarve Pro 3d toolpaths

3D Modelling and Parametrics

Fusion 360: Course for absolute beginners

Rhino: Tutorials

Grasshopper: Tutorials

Make Human: MakeHuman Wiki, a 35 minute intro by VScorpianC


KiCAD: sparkfun beginners, KiCAD website

Eagle: Tutorial One, Tutorial Two

DRU for Eagle: fabmodule.dru

Datasheets: Octopart

Trinket M0: setting up your programming environment

Calculating resistance: LED resistor calculator

Awesome Lists

Fab Academy’s Awesome List

Fiore Basile’s Awesome List

Brother knitting machine: casting on, casting off

Bioplastics recipes: FabTextiles Margaret Dunne, Food for Thought, Materiom

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