Fab Lab Wgtn has an overarching "Resilience" project which, along with our mission statement, guides the selection of projects. Three of the Global Sustainability Goals align with our aims, and they are:
We offer free short courses most weeks that introduce you to the basics of engaging with the processes at Fab Lab Wgtn - please check our [Events page]( for details. We are in the process of developing a new programme called Open Design & Making (OD&M) course It is an interdependent education programme that equips participants with skills for the future, supporting their identity and culture, and enabling them to participate successfully, the way they want to, in this digitally enhanced world.This could be through participating in the whole course intensively; by choosing a particular stream; or by selectively dipping into elements of it as and when time permits. Areas of focus can be: - digital fabrication - electronics & programming - DIYbio & new materials - food - fashion - textiles - design software - IOT systems - making machines - furniture Each area of focus is interconnected with others, so you'll meet people who have different interests. Engagement with the OD&M course builds familiarity with technical options and capabilities, gives hands-on experience, and direction for further study. The projects are updated regularly to reflect emerging and best practices. During this programme, participants learn how to envision and prototype their ideas through hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools, taking a variety of code formats and turning them into physical objects. Certificate of Participation: Projects are not evaluated and documentation is not required. Certificate of Completion: Each module is evaluated through developed projects and the accompanying documentation. Progress is evaluated by skills and projects rather than time or credits. Students document their progress on their OD&AM websites, and share their experiences at a review with peers. Successful completion of each individual module will give you a fab lab wgtn badge. You will also receive a certificate via Massey University's Centre for Professional and Continuing Education. OD&M Certificate of Completion: This certificate is gained after completion of X introductory modules, X advanced modules, a machine building project and a final project. OD&M Advanced Certificate of Completion: This certificate is gained after completion of X introductory modules, X advanced modules, a machine building and a final project. Throughout the programme, participants plan and develop their final project, which combines 3 or more of the modules. They present these at a review of final projects with other participants and staff.
Since 2013, we have been composting our waste and striving to create circular systems for our material use. Rather than bringing materials to the Lab and then sending away the waste, we aim to either create our own materials from local resources or intervening in, and diverting, the waste stream. At present we: - feed our clean wooddust and food waste to our thriving worm farms - grow mushrooms on our poplar plywood waste - run our 3D printers on NZ made PLA, a biodegradable plant-based plastic - run our smaller 3D mills on machinable wax which we melt down and use again - strive to use FSC and E0 plywoods in the laser cutter and on the large format milling machine - are experimenting with making our own bio-plastics - grow textile dye plants in our garden beds - use corrugated cardboard in prototyping wherever possible
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