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About Fab Tour
Come and get acquainted with Fab Lab Wgtn; our culture, equipment and spaces to help you make the most of your time with us. We’ll introduce you to our projects and important safety information about this space. Please wear covered shoes and bring an ID card. Read More ›

Open Blogging
Selecting the right platform on which to document your work is always a challenge. Find out about the benefits of open documentation and blogging using github pages. Read More ›

Designing for additive or subtractive fabrication
An introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of each. Find out what things to consider when developing an achievable workflow. We will look at existing projects and examine how they were developed. Bring along a project you have made and discuss alternative ways of creating it. Read More ›

Open Office Hours
Wondering whether you're imagining the right material and techniques for your new project? Have you got 'Blank Page syndrome' and feeling a bit stuck with developing your ides? Come along for a Big Chat; bring whatever sketches, inspiration and thoughts you have, and your lunch (or breakfast) and let's bounce some ideas around. Read More ›

Intro to Laser Cutting
Learn everything you need to know about basic laser cutting at Fab Lab Wgtn. In this session, we’ll walk you through how to set-up your vector files on the machine, and the do’s and don’ts of laser cutting. Read More ›

Glitch Knit
An intro to machine knitting, but not as you know it. One of our fabbers hacked a Brother KH-970 knitting machine, using information from Fab Lab Shibuya in Japan. Rather than using punch-cards, this is a digital process, with intentional glitches in the software. Read More ›

Digital Embroidery
Come along for some embroidery based adventures. Learn the basics about digital embroidery to incorporate it into your projects. We’ll create a small example together then walk through how to set-up your vector files and create successful designs to create your first embroidered pattern. Read More ›

3D Printing
Want to get into 3D printing? Not sure where to start? This workshop will introduce basic 3D printing workflows and give you hands-on experience setting up successful prints. You'll also get handy tips for designing for 3D printing. Read More ›

Electronics Basics: Breadboarding
The Electronics Basics Series is about designing circuits and programming in Arduino. This first session is an introduction into fundamental concepts in electronics design. You’ll be given challenges to prototype basic circuit components on breadboards. This is a good opportunity to brush up on Ohm’s Law and electronics puns. Read More ›

CNC Milling Basics Part 1: Software
The CNC Milling Basics series will take you through how to set-up and control a 3-axis CNC milling machine. In this first session, you’ll learn how to generate tool-paths for vector files in the vCarve software. This is a great opportunity for you to come with project ideas and ask questions about designing for 3 axis milling. Read More ›

Intro to Vinyl Cutting
Learn everything you need to know about vinyl cutting at Fab Lab Wgtn. In this session, we’ll walk you through how to set-up your vector files to quickly cut vinyl to make stickers, masks and more. Read More ›

3D Scanning
This hands-on session will take you through 3D scanning using photogrammetry and laser line scanning to turn your physical objects into digital files. Read More ›

Electronics Basics: Programming
This is the second of the Electronics Basics Series. We will look at writing code for microcontrollers using the Arduino IDE. You’ll be given challenges to write basic programs for the Arduino Uno connected to input and output components on breadboards. This is a good opportunity to bring your ideas and test them out. Read More ›

CNC Wax Milling
Learn the basics of wax milling to integrate it into your design practice. Whether you want to create a mould for chocolate or silicone, we will walk you through some tips and tricks of 3D mould design and show you how produce to quality wax moulds. Read More ›

Essential First Step
Take your first step in getting involved with Fab Lab Wgtn. Come along to a tour and find out what it's all about. Read More ›

CNC Milling Basics Part 2: Shopbot Set-up
This is the second of the CNC Milling Basics series where you’ll learn how to set up and run a cut on the ShopBot CNC mill. This is a great opportunity for you to come with project ideas and ask questions about materials and machining options. You must complete the “About Fab Lab” tour and “CNC Milling Basics Part 1: Software” prior to attending. Read More ›

Tensile Tester
Need to know if your material is reliable? Want to know how a sample will react to repeated stretching over time? The tensile tester is here to answer these questions, and more, with helpful graphs and reports. Read More ›

Circuit Design & Production
This workshop is about the basic workflows for design and production of circuit boards. We’ll introduce you to Eagle software, setting up & milling boards, and show you around the electronics soldering station. If you don’t have any previous electronics experience, we recommend taking the “Electronics Basics Part 1 & 2” first. Read More ›

Illustrator for digital fabrication
Vector designs are used for laser cutting and CNC milling. This workshop will teach you the do’s and don’ts of vector design in Adobe Illustrator specifically for 2D machine cutting. Please bring your sketches and ideas with you. Read More ›

Frequent Events
Join us as we explore the possibilities of digital fabrication, introducing you to the basics during our weekly activities. Read More ›

Special Events
Create a small project & work with others, learning by doing. Read More ›

Ongoing Projects
Check out the people and projects active in Fab Lab Wgtn... right now! Read More ›

Meet Ups
The Makers NZ - Wellington meetup group work together on a variety of projects. Read More ›

Learn how our Reciprocity framework allows us all to develop solutions for unique and everyday challenges. Read More ›

Pop Up
A Fab Lab Wgtn experience popping up in a space near you. Read More ›

Fab Academy
The ultimate boot camp. Learn design thinking and agile development while engaging with all aspects of the Fab Lab ecosystem. Read More ›

Open Afternoons
Are you curious about this whole 'fab lab' thing? Come along and find out what it's all about. Read More ›

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Find out what drives the inquisitive people in the Fab Lab Wgtn ecosystem. Read More ›

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Who We Are
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