Essential First Step

Take your first step in getting involved with Fab Lab Wgtn. Come along to a tour and find out what it's all about.

The first step to engaging with Fab Lab Wgtn is to attend an About Fab Tour - these take approximately 1 hour, are offered frequently and are hosted by one of our fabbers. You must wear covered footwear when you are in the space, so leave your jandals at home - we don’t have spare footwear for you to borrow. Please bring a photo ID card with you - student ID, 18+ card, driver licence… a card that we can put a sticker on. The tour is an introduction to the culture of the global and local fab ecosystem, with an overview of the specific equipment, safety issues and processes associated with Fab Lab Wgtn. Find out what the possibilities are! Register for one here. We look forward to meeting you.