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Open Design & Making

Join us to explore the possibilities of open design & digital fabrication.

We are all managing major change and upheaval in what is becoming ‘Covid-normal’ Therefore this programme is on hold for the foreseeable future. We are also trying not to produce unnecessary noise, and have put a hold on our quarterly newsletter, facebook and instagram posts.

Fab Lab Wgtn is where DIYers, makers, coders, designers and artists take their creative skills to the next level. You’ll be in good company. We are an open-source community engaged in learning through making.

Our Open Design & Making Programme, which we host through Massey’s PaCE programme, consists of these series at present:

Electronic Essentials

The Electronics Essentials series is designed to springboard you into this creative space, as electronic skills are essential for almost any project created here.

Basic Electronics 01 Breadboarding and Paper Electronics

Basic Electronics 01

This is a good opportunity to brush up on Ohm’s Law and electronics puns.

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Basic Electronics 03 Get into the Grove

Basic Electronics 03

Grove is a programmable system...

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Basic Electronics 04 Make your own circuit board

Basic Electronics 04

mill and populate your RGB LED circuit board...

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Modelling Essentials

The Modelling Essentials series is designed to springboard you into this creative space, as these skills are also essential for many projects created here.

Project Based

The Project series is designed to embed the knowledge you gained previously and give you a broader range of skills and techniques.

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